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Life is chaos and order; disruptions and harmony; adversity and fortune. It’s this dichotomous reality that I find compelling. The push and pull and sometimes abrupt changes of state can force a more introspective look inside oneself, while things churn until finally settling into a new perspective.


I seek to find balance, harmony, and rhythm in my sculptures. By exploring how edges, layers, transitions, tensions, and movement can work together, I can find synchronization in my perceived chaos.


Not committed to any particular medium, lately I find myself alternating between plaster and tree branches and wire or clay.  Each material has its own constraints that challenge my sensibilities. Which is both maddening and exciting.


I find constant fascination in the cracks and crevices of the sidewalk below my feet, the drawings made by winters’ naked branches against a bright clear sky, or the rhythms of the wires balanced between telephone poles.  I find the majesty and cadence of both rocks and trees particularly compelling. These are the visual references that inspire me and inform my work.


As I work I let my memories, experiences, emotions, and internal struggles, along with the challenges presented by the materials, guide me. Through the constant back and forth dialog of what “feels” right, the work finds its balance and place in time.

May 2022






2008     New York Studio School - MFA Sculpture

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2021     Patterns in Nature, WoArt, Online exhibition, juried by Christina Massey


2019     Coast to Coast Group Show, Berry Campbell Gallery, NYC, juried by Karen Wilkin


2019     Coast to Coast Group Show, Paul Thiebaud Gallery, San Francisco, juried by Karen Wilkin


2018     Wonder and Whimsy, Group Show, Santa Rosa Art Center, Santa Rosa, CA


2011     Art in Nature, Greenwood Garden, Short Hills, NJ, curated by Karen Wilkin

             Group Exhibition, Ezair Gallery, South Hampton, NY

             ArtLoud, Outdoor Sculpture Walk, Tampa, FL

             Governor’s Island Art Fair, Governor’s Island, NYC,  juried by

             Group Sculpture Exhibition, Sculptors Guild, Governor’s Island, NYC, curated by Karen Wilkin

             Change of Climate, 26 W. 17th St., NY, NY – Group Exhibition, curated by Mary Mihelic

              New York Studio School Benefit: Group Exhibition, curated by Graham Nickson


2010      Group Sculpture Exhibition, Rogue Space Gallery, New York, NY, curated by Williard Boepple

              Sculpture Group Exhibition, Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL

              Sculpture Key West – Key West, FL: 2010 Group Exhibition, juried by Lilly Wei

2009      SPCTCLR VWS, One Brooklyn Bridge Park – Group Exhibition, curated by Mary Mihelic

               New York Studio School Benefit: Group Exhibition, curated by Jeffrey Hoffeld

               Sculpture Key West – Key West, FL: 2009 Group Exhibition, juried by Shamim Momin

               Open Studios – Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn New York, NY

2008       QuickSilver Mine Co. Gallery, Group Exhibition, Sonoma Co., CA

               Open Studios – Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn New York, NY

               ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, NY:  Art Students’ Exhibition

               New York Studio School, New York, NY:  MFA Thesis Exhibition

               New York Studio School, New York, NY:  Hohenberg Award Exhibition

2010       Rogue Space Gallery Sculpture Show- Best in Show

2009       Sculpture Key West for “Emancipate I” – Third Place Grand Esplanade Award & Best By Sea

2008       Artist in Residence, New York Studio School – Brooklyn Annex

2007       Hohenberg Travel Scholarship

2006-07  LCU Scholarship

2004       Merit Award Winner, Sculpture:  New York Studio School

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